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Our diverse choice of dive sites ensures that there is superb diving available for all levels of divers, from the beginner to the highly experienced. The rich variety of Nha Trang's marine world is guaranted to make your diving experience an unforgettable highlight of your VietNam holiday...





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Drop offMadonna's rock
First dive sites are located around the bay of Nha Trang. After approximatly one hour boat trip, we arrive at the islands of Hon Mun, and Hon Mot where we enjoy a dozen different dive sites.

You will be thrilled by the steep drop off of Goat Rock (20/40 meters in depth), the coral gardens of Moray beach, The cave of Madonna rocks, together with swim-throughs where you will be moved by the play of light and the many beautiful colours of the fauna and flora of Hon Mun.

ArothronButterfly fishMoray
During your dives, you will be amused by the assurance of the clown fish and will probably meet Cuttlefish, Scorpionfish, Frogfish, Lionfish, Moray Eels, Needlefish, Paperfish, Parrotfish, Rockfish, Trumpetfish. There is also a good chance you will see Barracuda, Blue Spotted Rays, and magnificiant
Manta Rays.

The South China Sea is rich in a great variety of different species of fish, nudibranches, worms, shellfish, and corals.
Lesson at Moray BeachTraining pool
All training is undertaken in small groups by qualified instructors. We offer P.A.D.I., C.M.A.S.and C.E.D.I.P. courses.

Blue Diving Club is fully licensed and has international insurence for all divers, and each instructors carry additional insurance.

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Lesson at Moray Beach

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