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Vietnam has got some 50 national musical instruments, in which the set of percussion instruments is the most popular, diverse and long-lasting such as trong dong (copper drums), cong chieng (gongs), dan da (lithophone), dan t’rung... The set of blowing instruments is represented by flutes and pan-pipes, while the set of string instruments is specified by dan bau and dan day. The Vietnamese folksongs are rich in forms and melodies of regions across the country, ranging from

            Ngam tho (reciting poems),
Vietnamese music instruments

            Hat ru (lullaby),
            Hat quan ho,
            Trong quan,
            Vi giam,
            Ca Hue,
            Bai choi,
Hat xam,
            Chau van
a tru.

Traditional performing arts include cheo and tuong. Water-puppet shows are also a special traditional art that was ignited in the Ly dynasty. At the start of the 20th century, cai luong (reformed theatre) appeared in Cochinchina with melodies of vong co.

The Vietnamese acoustic arts generally have symbolic, expressive and emotional features. Traditional stage relates closely to the audience and is a combination of music and dance forms. The Vietnamese dance has few strong and tough actions, but contains many smooth and curling features with closed feet and a lot of arm-dancing actions.

Vietnamese musical instruments :

Plucked Strings: Dan Bau, Dan Day, Dan Doan, Dan Nguyet or Kim, Dan Tam, Dan Tam Thap Luc, Dan Tranh, Dan Ty Ba, Dan Xen,
Bowed Strings: Dan Co or Dan Nhi, Dan Gao, Dan Ho, etc...
Winds: differents kinds of flute, "Ken Da.m" oboe.
Percussion: Chuong, Senh Tien, Trong Cai, Trong Com, Trong De, Mo, Phach, Nao Bat, Thanh La (cymbals), etc...



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